Crude oil analysis Crude oil prices shed almost all of its gains yesterday from 70$ to 66$. Currently prices are flirting with 65$. US asked OPEC countries to produce 1 million barrels per day more. US request came after US president criticized oil producing countries to raise crude prices and showed concern on rising gas […]

Crude oil analysis Crude oil crashed from 68$ to nearly 64$. Oil prices crash came as many OPEC countries are thinking to increase output as reports suggested even Saudi Arabia in favor to increase output. We have OPEC meeting later this month where major oil producing countries might announced hike in output. If production really […]

Silver forecast Silver price tested 16.60$ yesterday which was our buy signal’s target. We mentioned a resistance at 16.62$ in our yesterday’s silver forecast. It could not break our resistance and fall back till 16.40$. Currently silver price trading at 16.42$. Yesterday US slapped tariffs on steel and aluminum from Canada, Mexico and some of […]

Gold forecast Comex gold prices tested 1306$ last night and then reverted back. Gold already broke out our major hurdle of 1302$ which we updated in our yesterday’s gold forecast and was comfortably trading above this. But then problem with tremendous rise in precious metals prices came when Italy showed kind of emergency on political […]

Gold forecast Gold price trading flat since yesterday at 1297$, It tested above 1300$ in early morning session then came back with same pace. Currently dollar index trading almost at highest point of the day and its trading at highest since November 9 2017. Currently dollar is putting precious on precious metal pack and its […]

Gold forecast Gold price opened lower today after giving a good close above 1300$. Currently prices are struggling at 1296$ almost near lowest level of the day of 1295.30$. A good support on gold chart stands at 1287$, If traders take this base out and manage to sustain trade below our support. Then expect good […]