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Crude oil forecast Crude oil price mildly recovered yesterday from 64$ zone to test above 65$. Currently US oil trading at 65.20$. Crude oil was under pressure last week when Russia agreed to rise output after Saudi. But still market is not sure about OPEC will decide anything like that. A good support on crude… Read Article →

Bitcoin price analysis Bitcoin price analysis today would cover start from yesterday’s big move. Bitcoin price opened nearly 11% down from 7700$ to 6600$. It crashed vertically after news surfaced of another cryptocurrency exchange hacked. One of the popular exchange of South Korea which deals in cryptocurrency named Coinrail confirmed that hackers have stolen nearly… Read Article →

Crude oil forecast US Crude oil prices trading at 65.20$, It cracked a little when US inventory came surprisingly positive from -3.6M vs 2.1M. Expectations were -2.0M. Currently prices trading flat since there is no major direction. A good support on oil chart stands at 64.30$, If traders break and sustain below this level then… Read Article →

Crude oil analysis Crude oil prices shed almost all of its gains yesterday from 70$ to 66$. Currently prices are flirting with 65$. US asked OPEC countries to produce 1 million barrels per day more. US request came after US president criticized oil producing countries to raise crude prices and showed concern on rising gas… Read Article →

Crude oil analysis Crude oil crashed from 68$ to nearly 64$. Oil prices crash came as many OPEC countries are thinking to increase output as reports suggested even Saudi Arabia in favor to increase output. We have OPEC meeting later this month where major oil producing countries might announced hike in output. If production really… Read Article →

Silver forecast Silver price tested 16.60$ yesterday which was our buy signal’s target. We mentioned a resistance at 16.62$ in our yesterday’s silver forecast. It could not break our resistance and fall back till 16.40$. Currently silver price trading at 16.42$. Yesterday US slapped tariffs on steel and aluminum from Canada, Mexico and some of… Read Article →

Crude oil analysis Crude oil price trading half percent higher today as market opened positive. It tested 72$ and currently cruising around 71.70$. Oil prices are anticipating more tensions between US and Iran. Crude oil prices driving higher, expecting more sanctions on Iran. Good equity markets are also helping as it suggest good consumption in… Read Article →

Crude oil analysis Crude oil price trading at 72$, Oil prices trading higher since Monday and now continuing with highs. Energy pack is driving higher by this major commodity. Crude oil trading higher after US inventory came positive for prices. A good support on this major commodity stands at 70$, If traders take this base… Read Article →

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