Gold Price of gold did not test new low last week that could be a relief for buyers but main problem with market is its not sustaining on higher levels. Main upside was capped due to US dollar strength as suggested in our weekdays gold price forecast. Some highs made by comex gold was due… Read Article →

Gold Spot price of gold closed lower again last week. Prices are not sustaining and testing new lows every week. Last week was no exception. Despite weaker Job data ( Non farm payroll came worse than expected ). Spot gold prices could not sustain on higher levels and gave a red closing. Last week xauusd… Read Article →

Gold Price of gold crashed further last week. Gold opened above 1232$ and tested above 1235$ in first initial days of the week. It started retracing and finally broke 1220$. It closed around 1222$ giving weakest close since July 2017. Gold was unable to hold on any higher level and kept trading lower. Main spike… Read Article →

Gold Spot gold price took another blow as it tested 1210$ last week. It was later in the day market showed some mercy and short covering gave breather till 1222$. All thanks to dollar index, Greenback finally broke resistance of 95 and sustained pretty well when bullion crashed. Finally yellow metal closed around 1231$ losing… Read Article →

Gold analysis Comex gold price has ignored all positive fundamental reason to rise such as rising tensions around the globe and brewing trade war between US and China. Gold did not shown single mercy on buyers and kept falling. Xauusd updated new low below 1237$, which is just a small sign that we may in… Read Article →

Weekly Gold report Comex gold spot price opened at 1253$ last week and closed flat around 1255$. In between xauusd price tested 1237.50$ which we updated as our major support in our intraday gold report. Spot gold prices could not break 1237$ and bounced back almost 25$ from 1237$. We did not trade much last… Read Article →

Weekly Gold analysis Gold price ( xauusd ) opened lower at 1272$ and continued its downward journey. It sent buyers in shock when xauusd slipped below 1250$ and stayed there for a while. Despite weak US GDP numbers which came 2.0% vs 2.2% gold price could not go higher. Dollar Index was major reason of… Read Article →

Crude oil analysis Crude oil prices are roaring since OPEC decided to increase additional 10 million barrel production per day. It should have crushed oil prices but instead crude oil fired 5% last Friday after announcement. Yesterday prices consolidated a bit which suggest mild profit booking. But today again prices are in positive territory. Traders… Read Article →

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